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My book Deadly Inheritance is in the process of being edited.  This is a process that happens to a written work, whether the author publishes traditionally with a publishing house or goes the self-publishing route.  The editing and re-writing process can be a challenge for a writer, as the book you worked over for months gets essentially picked apart and put back together.  Not only are the grammar and spelling reviewed, but the overall plot, characters setting, scenes, dialogue etc.  After the initial edit, which I got back this week, there will be some re-writes and edits and then another review before the final product is ready to publish in later July.  After that there is a final review and formatting before it reaches the reader.

During this process, there are some interesting conversations between writer and editor.  As you can imagine writing a murder mystery, there are events that occur in the storyline that are not discussed in a normal conversation.  And you may also imagine that there is some research that needs to be done to make sure events are depicted accurately.  I sincerely hope that no one looks at my search history!  Of course, the book on poisons laying on my desk, may also raise suspicions.  (We’ll talk research at a later blog). 

The conversation went a bit like, “I know that this character dies, but maybe we should murder her instead.  And I’d like to see more from the killer…”

And then of course, I had to figure out how I would do that.  That’s the overall focus of all this work of course, is the final product for the reader to enjoy.  My goal is to get you to read the story and love it, recommending it to your friends and family but to also keep it on your shelf to reread it again someday…

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