What you find when you dig deep – Investigating a Notorious Texas Swindler

In this episode, we explore Pepper Anne’s journey of uncovering the truth behind her family member’s incarceration. She learns that her cousin is serving 14 life sentences in the Texas State penitentiary for a range of serious charges including kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand, Pepper Anne dives deep into the story, only to find that the more she learns, the more confusing it becomes. She refuses to back down and confronts the situation head-on. With a tenacious spirit, she relentlessly questions everything and refuses to be silenced, even when facing hardened criminals with dangerous pasts and connections to people far more powerful than she could have ever imagined.

Join us as we follow Pepper Anne’s story and explore the complexities of family ties and the search for truth in the face of adversity.

Ballroom Blitz – Interview with author Natalie Cross

Join author Jeulia Hesse for a conversation with Natalie Cross author of author of Ballroom Prom, Ballroom Blitz, and Ballroom Blind Date. Learn about Natalie’s inspiration for creativity and her writing processes. We talk about how watching ballroom dancing during the pandemic turned into a writing career. Look for new releases from Natalie in 2023. Ballroom Fever and Ballroom Spin!

She can be found at Natalie Cross Writes https://nataliecrosswrites.com/

Interview with Jeff Stanger, author of Mystery and Satire

Join Jeulia Hesse, author and host, for a good time with Jeff Stanger, the writer of humorous fiction mysteries with a satirical twist. In his latest collection, Tales from the Roundabout, Stanger takes you to Carmel, Indiana, a city renowned for its art scene and infamous traffic circles. Fans of Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiaasen will love Stanger’s humor and wit. Besides the Roundabout series, Stanger has also written the Quick Baseball Mystery series, which follows the adventures of a rare baseball memorabilia dealer who finds himself in the middle of mysterious crimes. For a nostalgic and comedic look at the semi-pro leagues of the 1940s, be sure to check out Kansaska. Whether or not you’re a fan of baseball, you’ll enjoy this interview!

Interview with the Murder Guru – Lynda Rees

Join host and author, Jeulia Hesse for an interview with Lynda Rees, the Murder Guru, a multi award-winning author of romantic mystery and suspense, middle grade mystery, children’s picture and Activity books, financial self-help and cookbooks.Lynda is the author of the Reggie Chronicles, which include the Hart of the Matter, Magnolia Blossoms and Harts Girls.

The conversation includes discussions about her books, writing processes, passions and what’s coming out in 2023!

Lynda can be reached at https://lyndareesauthor.com/

Jeulia Hesse can be reached at www.jeuliahesse.com

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Cozy Mystery Inspiration – with Karen McSpade Author

Join mystery author Jeulia Hesse in an interview with Karen McSpade, author of cozy mysteries, discussing her inspiration for her stories. Karen speaks about how she uses food and recipes as part of her story lines to create an atmosphere that immerses her readers in the story. She also explains that she emphasizes strong female lead characters that are not just damsels in distress but have their own individual back stories and experiences. Her goal is always to make sure those characters can really drive the plot and develop aspects of the mystery.

No matter what kind of cozy mystery she’s writing, Karen strives to make sure each book has elements of mystery, suspense and lightheartedness that keeps readers engaged until the very end. Additionally, Karen shares some of her personal experiences when it comes to crafting a story. Check out Karen’s books on Amazon .

Follow her on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/karenmcspadebooks