Soul Sentinel

Something pulled at Layla when she was hiking the Appalachians with her friends last summer, causing her to leave her hiking companions behind. After convincing them she would be fine, she’d set out on her own to learn what was calling her to the area. Unfortunately, she fell and badly injured her leg. She was rescued by Jeff Knox, who rode her down the mountain at breakneck speed on horseback to a waiting ambulance. They’d been together ever since. With his help, she found employment at the Stone House Inn, and had become friendly with the owners. At first, Layla and Jeff’s relationship had been as friends and gradually built to something more.

Her new life is threatened when her secret is revealed; she is a psychic medium. Her ability to communicate with the dead has always caused her grief. However, for the first time in her life, the revelation of her other worldly sight does not cause her to pull up stakes and move on. Her new friends all support her and are in awe of her capabilities that she tried to keep suppressed and hidden most of her life. Jeff encourages her to understand her gifts and to not be afraid of her abilities, and the local police want her to assist them in missing person cases. Layla is introduced to Aerlene Gaul, a psychic medium, who coaches her to understand and control her sight.

Layla and Jeff’s relationship blossoms. Jeff’s life too, was evolving as he pursued his dream of owning running a horse farm. Once a run down, fixer upper farm becomes available for sale, Jeff feels his dreams have come true. Life is moving along for them both when an unexpected death leaves the young couple with small children to raise. While they both wanted a family of their own someday, this tragedy puts a strain on them as they adjust to their instant family.

While researching the farm’s history, Layla discovers an unbelievable connection between Jeff and the previous owner. A connection that is enhanced when she makes a mistake when connecting to the spirit world. Their lives are turned upside down as Layla races to save them before evil completely controls him and he is lost to her forever.

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