Killer Recipe

The lifelong dream of running her own place is realized for Gina Iovino when she partners with her best friend to run the restaurant and tavern at the Stone House Inn in rural Vermont. The move required her to leave New York City behind, along with all of its social offerings. Buyer’s remorse sets in for Gina months into her business venture. While her ambitions of running her own place are realized, she had never expected to be building her life in a quiet rural community and certainly had never expected to have a relationship with the local sheriff, Shawn Johnson.

Gina’s past shows up on the doorstep, threatening their growing connection as Shawn realizes she hasn’t been forthcoming about her past. Conflicted with battling the local drug ring and Gina’s illicit family connections, Shawn strives to locate the ringleader responsible for the rising crime. He knows he is closing in when potential informants turn up dead, and the lovers wind up in the killer’s sights.

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