Deep Blue Sea Series

Will they find a treasure more valuable than gold

Lizzie Legard was just a teenager when her older sister disappeared without a trace from her job on a Key West beach, a tragedy none of her family has gotten over. Home from college for the summer, Lizzie jumps at the chance to take her boyfriend’s place on the dive crew when he’s injured working with his family’s treasure salvage business. The wreck might be a lost Spanish galleon rumored to hold untold treasures, and a curse. For Lizzie, the biggest curse is the forced proximity of partnering with her boyfriend’s older brother, Damen Wisler.

Damen is no stranger. He’d been part of the search team when Lizzie’s sister disappeared. Damen is the family black sheep. He’s not interested in taking over the family business and he really shouldn’t be interested in his little brother’s girl. Home on an extended and long-overdue leave, he’s focused on his career in the Navy as a SEAL operator. Lizzie’s wealthy family would never approve of their relationship and he’s not about to let his newfound attraction to her distract him from his dreams.

But when new evidence is uncovered regarding Lizzie’s sister, the clues point to a murderer in their midst. Then tragedy strikes again, threatening Lizzie and Damen’s fragile new relationship. Do they have a chance at a future together? Meanwhile, far out at sea, a deadly hurricane is brewing…

Its been five years since Lizzie Legard and Damen Wisler have seen each other. After Daniel’s death and Damen’s helicopter crash while on a mission, their lives have irrevocably changed. After his discharge from the special forces, Damen returned to Key West to recover and start a life he never thought he’d lead, running his father’s business. Overcoming his injuries both on the outside and inside has been a  long struggle, but with focus and determination he built a new future for himself. He tries not to dwell on what he lost, but the one thing he thinks of everyday is what he lost when he broke up with Lizzie.

After she and Damen broke up, Lizzie struggled to finish college and move on with her life. But the past five years she built a career and a home in Northern Maine, far from the memories in the Florida Keys. A call from the police pulls her from her routine, the remains of her long missing sister have been found.  Sparing her parents the pain, Lizzie travels back home to claim her sister and bring an end to the decades long search for her and what happened.

But there’s more the Sheriff doesn’t reveal until she is back in town and suddenly Lizzie is thrown into a the throes of a dangerous drug cartel seeking to re-coup a missing shipment and layers of betrayal and danger to unravel while discovering the truth of what happened all those years ago when her sister went missing. Lizzie finds herself forced to trust Damen again, but she’s been keeping a secret from Damen bound to destroy their rekindling love.  

Coming Fall 2023